6 Product Cover in Just Rs. 499 for 365 Days.

Terms and Conditions

  • Branded Spare part will be provided on Mrp
  • Physical Damage will not be covered in Amc
  • Plasctic,Glass,Bulbs,wear and tear spare will not be covered in Amc
  • If customer get relocated/tranfered to other location, this Amc will get null and void
  • After inspection if service is not availed, visit charges will be applicable
  • Surcharge of Rs 150 applicable after 8 pm To 11 Pm
  • No visit charge is applicable in Amc
  • Amc will be offered to the customer only after inspection of the set and ensuring that the set is in working condition. However if set is not in working condition,then the set will be repaired on chargeable basis first & then Amc can be taken/issue to customer
  • If we are unable to repair a product at customer place and need to take it to the service centre, then the charges of transportation will be made by the customer
  • The Authorized Service engineer will only be authorized to perform Service under this AMC for all covered product(s). Customer will have to register his complaint at Call Center numbers or given app mentioned in this form.
  • In case the customer wants to cancel the AMC before the completion of the AMC period, there shall be no refund of the charges for unexpired period.
  • While all effort shall be made to give preWhile all effort shall be made to give preferential attention to emergency service of the product, the Company shall not be held responsible for any loss arising due to delay in service.
  • All payments are to be made in advance along with AMC work order Form. All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.
  • Descaler Benefits-:Protects the appliance in hard water areas by removing limescale. Washing machines should be descaled every three to six months.It improves quality of wash. It’s easy to use and gets to work quickly.
  • Our engineer will take old spare part in Amc period.