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Chimney Service in Dwarka

In the present day, most houses have fireplaces and chimneys installed for the purpose of keeping the house warm during the cold winter months.

The main purpose of a chimney is to transfer or disperse smoke, heat, and flue gasses from stoves and fireplaces out of the building. Smoke and fumes generated by your fireplace are redirected into the open air so they don't spread or contaminate your home.

A chimney serves a very important purpose from an architectural and aesthetic standpoint since they not only look amazing, but some chimneys are so beautifully designed that they make a house appear more complete. As a result, this strongly emphasizes the need to install a chimney made from durable and quality materials when building or remodeling a residence.



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How Do Chimneys Work?

Even though chimneys seem simple on the outside, many people wonder in fascination about how they really work. Simply put, your chimney is very important to keep your house warm and ensure that your fireplace works properly.

Furthermore, the workings and function of chimneys are very fascinating from a scientific point of view.

Basically, chimneys purify the air by removing any and all byproduct gases. There has to be an outlet for the transfer of heat, gas, and smoke when using a fireplace. Chimneys need airflow in order to function, and without it they wouldn't exactly be safe.

The same way that warm, moist air escapes through your attic, warm air and smoke also escape through your chimney. The stack effect is responsible for this. 'Draft' refers to the rising air that travels up the chimney. A properly built and well-functioning chimney will consist of a draft that allows smoke and gases to escape into the atmosphere.


Types of Chimneys

Aside from the traditional brick chimneys that you have probably always seen and heard about, there are a variety of other types of chimneys that can be found in households across the country. Here are a few examples:

1. Masonry Chimneys

This is considered to be 'the' standard type of chimney, which is made from bricks, cement, mortar, blocks, or stones. A masonry fireplace consists of simple indented walls where you create fire with wood logs, accompanied by a masonry chimney.


2. Metal Chimneys

As opposed to masonry chimneys, these chimneys take up a lot of space and may be more expensive if they are bigger. They also don't have as good an aesthetic value as masonry chimneys.

Double and triple-walled metal chimneys are usually enclosed within different types of casings. To boost their aesthetic value and appeal, they are usually enclosed within a masonry chimney case, a sided frame, or even a full wooden construction.


3. Factory-Built/ Prefabricated Chimneys

Most modern and contemporary homes have chimneys like these. They are more of the modern, contemporary types. Factory-built or prefabricated chimneys have an innovative design, and they come with fireplaces that are also quite innovative.


Two main reasons account for the name of this type of chimney. The fireplaces of these chimneys are metal fireboxes which are manufactured in factories. Furthermore, these chimneys are usually installed in homes or buildings which they have been manufactured for. The chimney, as well as the fireplace, may also be constructed from a variety of different materials.

The downside of prefabricated chimneys is their lack of flexibility. In most cases, they are not very durable, and you probably won't even be able to use them for a lifetime. You might have to repair or replace chimney parts even with regular maintenance and cleaning.


4. Fireplace Insert Chimneys

The fireplace chimneys of this type usually use inserts that are special kinds of wood stoves. Their special design enables them to fit perfectly in open masonry fireplaces. With the help of a stainless steel liner system, the stove is directly connected to the chimney. Inserts of this type are typically installed in existing masonry fireplaces, and are further connected to chimneys and flues.


Chimney Service in Dwarka

Chimneys are an important part of houses, factories and offices. These help to take all the heat and smoke out from inside the kitchen to outside. But they need servicing too from time to time. For any repairing and servicing of chimneys, Service Clone is there for you. With expert technicians of chimneys.