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Are you looking for best Home Appliance Repair like microwave Repair, Installation Service in Delhi NCR then service clone are best local service provider.


Microwave REPAIR

Best microwave repairservice & installation by experts.

Microwave Service

Proficiently handles all minor and major microwave Service issues.

Microwave Installation

Handles all minor and major microwave installation issues.

Microwave AMC

Proficiently handles all minor and major microwave AMC issues.


  • Prompt Repairing and Services of Microwave System.
  • Maximum customer’s satisfaction
  • Easy payment modes- Cash, Cheque, Paytm etc.
  • Cost-effective price and charges
  • Same Day Service
  • Trusted service centre for Delhi NCR Customers.


The answer is quite simple that is Service Clone gives the most effective as well as best benefits out of AMC coverage that actually prevents your expensive electrical and also electronic devices from temporary or any sort of permanent breakdowns.As the famous saying ‘prevention is always better than cure’, with due periodic maintenance, these devices can be protected as well as the high costs of repair avoided, allowing you peace of mind with regards to their usage.

Why Choose us for AMC

The microwave doesn’t heat, it runs briefly, it’s dead, its light bulb isn’t working, its buttons don’t respond or display doesn’t function. Now, for all of your microwave repairs, we are your assistant.We are continuously available to help you regarding all kinds of Microwave Repair. We offer Multiple Brand Repair Service. Installation of Microwave desires or needs expert service engineers hand and that we provide you with this facility at a lowest charge. Under AMC service, we provide you the regular maintenance of your Microwave. Buy various AMC plans at nearly no cost.
Like all sorts of electrical instruments, even you’re Microwave needs some type of periodic maintenance service because it not just increases the sturdiness but it even increases the efficiency. We offer you AMC facility at your doorsteps. Therefore buy customized AMC plans at a reasonable price.The microwave doesn’t heat, it runs briefly, it’s dead, its light bulb isn’t operating, its buttons don’t respond or display doesn’t function. Now, for all of your microwave repairs, Service clone is your assistant.
From delicious pizzas to sweet cakes, a microwave can make cooking a pleasure with only one touch of a button. But sometimes when your microwave isn’t working for any reason, most of your culinary activities come to a halt. Appliance.Our microwave repair services can fix all types of problems associated with any microwave of any brand. We at Service clone have qualified on-ground engineers for microwave repair to bring back your microwave back to life in a very short time and at minimum cost.

What Service Clone brings to you

1. Solutions for All Microwave Oven Problems

  • Microwave Oven Does Not Heat
  • Microwave Oven Stops Randomly
  • Microwave Oven Is Dead
  • Microwave Oven Light Bulb Fused
  • Microwave Oven Buttons Not Working
  • Microwave Oven Display Problems
  • Microwave Oven Cleaning Service

2. All Brands Microwave Repair & Service Covered

3. Reasonable Prices

We deal in Microwave Oven heating issues, Microwave Oven running briefly, Microwave Oven is dead, and Microwave Oven light bulb fused, Microwave Oven buttons and display problems, Microwave Oven cleaning services and Microwave Oven demo. Our engineers visit in shortest possible time that ensures that you simply get microwave oven repair service at your home without any delay.

Same day Service on All Makes

Does your microwave not seem to work properly? Just call us!

Our technicians will come direct at your home/place, correctly diagnose the problem, and provide you the best price estimates to fix it with genuine spare parts and service.

Common Problems of Microwave We Can Fix!

  • Your microwave is not working
  • You see sparks inside my microwave
  • Your microwave turntable isn’t turning
  • Your microwave isn’t heating and you can even hear some sort of loud buzzing
  • You slammed the door, thus now the microwave won’t work

What We Do for Microwave Repair Service!

  • All work and labor guaranteed
  • Friendly, respectful professionals that arrive on time
  • Honest, upfront pricing (flat rate, never hourly)
  • Flexible appointment times that fit your schedule

Service Clone offers professional Domestic also as Commercial microwaves repairs. Call us to schedule your Microwave Service, AMC or Repair. We at serviceclone.com pros know your microwave oven from the inside out. Our microwave service, AMC and repair specialists are right in your neighborhood, to serve you fastest doorstep services. And we stand by our microwave repair work in the industry.A defective magnetron, failed door switches or a defective capacitor is actually the main possible causes of stop heating your microwave, you need not worry our Repairman will help diagnose the particular faults and fix your microwave at your home in Delhi.



Price Range Of Our Microwave Repair Service In Delhi


Service Quantity Price
Mwo (Microwave Oven) Repair/Visit Charges 1 200
Mwo (Microwave Oven) Solo AMC 1 1299
Mwo (Microwave Oven) With Grill AMC 1 1599
Mwo (Microwave Oven) with convection AMC 1 1799
Mwo (Microwave Oven) Deep Cleaning 1 500