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What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Blows Out Warm Air

1. Check the thermostat

Check the thermostat anyway, even if you believe it is set correctly, especially if you live in a house with others who might have tinkered with it. The air in your house may simply be circulated by the fan on your air conditioner.


2. Check that the outdoor unit is powered

Air conditioners are powerful appliances, which means they require a lot of electricity. Your outdoor unit could trip the circuit breaker if there is a momentary power surge. You can check your circuit breaker panel for tripped switches if your AC is blowing out warm air.


3. Make sure the outdoor unit is not crowded

During the summer, heat is released from your air conditioner's outdoor unit (the condenser). This requires it to have plenty of ventilation on both sides and on top. Ensure you have at least five feet of vertical clearance above the condenser and one foot of space around it. (This is the main reason why we cringe when we see a unit under a deck or crawlspace.) Remove any weeds and cut back any shrubs or hedges that are growing up against the unit.


4. Check the air filter

Disposable air filters are meant to last between 90 and 120 days--the key phrase being "up to." If you use your air conditioner day and night for weeks on end, the filter will be soiled way before the 90 days have passed. You will have to clean the filter even faster if you own pets.

When an air conditioner is dirty, why does warm air come out? Your air conditioning system becomes blocked when a dust-coated air filter becomes clogged. The consequences include:

  • In order to send out cool air, the air conditioner must work extra hard.
  • The indoor coil (also known as the evaporator coil), which contains refrigerant, doesn't receive enough hot air.


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