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How to Really Clean A Mini Split AC Indoor Unit

Ac repair service is a normal service. Service Clone can say that it’s very important for our home need (air conditioner). We provide beneficial plan for this. We use the AC a lot in the summer season. The AC sucks the polluted air when we use it and become spoil from dust its main reason why an AC malfunctions. 

We don’t take proper care of AC and that's exactly why an AC breakdown occurs. Service Clone also know tha every one needs AC in summer. Without Ac, we can’t live in the hot metro cities home and offices.

You should get your AC repaired in proper time so as to increase the life of a your AC. Sometimes you may know what the problem with your AC is and accordingly repair it, thus increasing its life. However, many a times, technical fault in your AC occurs unexpectedly which is quite normal. So don't be shocked or afraid and just give us a call, Service Clone will be at your door steps in absolutely no time and fix any sort of issue with your AC.

It's a guarantee of the services we provide would be topnotch from my side, and we prioritise 100% customer satisfaction. We make sure that the services we provide are of utmost diligence. We accomplish a work in a quick, efficient and proper manner. Some of the problems that may occur with your AC are vas in your AC is empty or AC is not working properly, we are here to help, we fill the gas in a reasonable price that does not burden your wallet. All the repair and services are quick, reasonable and of high quality.

Some ways to clean mini split AC indoor unit:

Start spraying the chemical solution all over the coils- You need to try to spray the chemical at an angle onto the surface of the cooling fins’ and also directly into the coils. You need to make sure the solution can reach as far into the coils as possible. A really good suggestion we can give to you is to put the nozzle as close to the fins as possible.

Spray the rotary blades hidden in the outlet of the airflow- In order to get excellent results, you need to use a far-reaching spray nozzle similar to the pressure garden sprayer. Then, you need to ensure that you coat all the blades with the cleaning solution.

Wipe down the fan coil unit- You need to turn on the air conditioner and then lift up the front of the bag so as to allow all the rinse water to spray into the bag. Now you need to remove the wash bag carefully by the ends and just dump the waste water. You can now get the satisfaction of seeing all the filth and dirt that comes out of your air conditioner!

Buy a good coil cleaner- All you need to do is avoid the foam type coil cleaners because they can be quite messy and spread foam everywhere. In addition, foam sprays may not penetrate the coils or rotor fan blades properly. So stick to liquid solution sprays.

Install the Aircon Wash Bag- You can install it around the Split AC unit (FCU-Fan Coil Unit) on the Wall. This way you don't need to tear the system down, how it is usually done. Moreover, you need to be gentle and try not to exert too much pressure when brushing the cooling fins. They do bend easily and collapse under too much force. For more information contact Service Clone or visit our website.