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Easy Tips For Effective Maintenance Of Water Purifier

Easy Tips for Effective Maintenance of Water Purifier are given below:-

1. Change RO Filters As Per Maintenance Schedule

Replacement of the filters and membrane in a timely manner is actually the most essential requirement for the effective maintenance of your RO water purifier. One of the easiest ways, in order to know about the replacement schedule of all the filters and membranes, is to simply look up the user manual where the information is provided. RO purifiers have several stages, the user manual will provide you all the data regarding which all filters are used and when they should get replaced.

Why Change Filters And Membrane

As the contaminants from the water get deposited on the filter surface, therefore, filters as well as membranes ought to be replaced periodically. As time passes, the deposits ultimately choke the filters. This further reduces the filtration capacity as well as degrades the water quality.

If your water purifier takes an extremely long time to fill the storage tank then you simply need to get the filters and membrane checked and replace them if there is a need to. Furthermore, if you don't get the filter replacement done on time, the impurities deposited on the filter surface may actually be transferred to the purified water.

Moreover, filters and membrane that are choked reduce the purification capacity which leads to unnecessary wastage of electricity. This is because the purifier will need to run for more time in order to purify a similar amount of water thus wastage of electricity. In addition to wastage of electricity, a choked RO membrane would also lead to increased wastage of water as a choked membrane produces more wastewater than a RO membrane that is working fine.

The timely replacement of filters and membranes will even save water and electricity, apart from really improving the purification capacity and water quality.

Take a look at the standard replacement schedule for the common filters and RO membrane that are given below:

Pre Filter : 6 months*

Sediment Filter : 12 months*

Pre-RO Carbon Filter : 12 months*

RO Membrane : 2-3 years*

Post-RO Carbon Filter or Polishing Filter: 12 months*

* the standard replacement schedule may vary for various brands and models. For the precise replacement schedule please check the user manual.

* If the water contains a very high level of impurities, high TDS level, or if you utilize your RO purifier to purify large quantities of water, then the filters and RO membrane might be replaced before the given timeframes.

* For a standard Indian household of 4-6 family members.

2. Cleaning And Sanitization

The cleaning of all internal pipes of the hour RO system is yet another often overlooked, a however significant part of proper maintenance of your RO system. An RO system utilizes multiple connecting pipes that move the water from one purification stage to the other. Speaking ideally, these pipes should be cleaned by the technician at the same time when the filters are being replaced.

If the water is stored for too long, there are very high chances of microbial contamination. The very 1st sign of microbial contamination is nothing but the foul smell as well as a taste of water. Therefore it's essential that the water storage tank is often emptied and filled with fresh water.

That is why we always advise you to turn off the water purifier and empty the storage tank if you're going out of the house for a short while. Since sanitization, as well as cleaning of the tank, may require some sort of assembly and disassembly, it is best to just get it done after you call the technicians of Service Clones for filter replacement or service. A typical RO system requires an intensive cleaning of the tank, once a year.

3. Check For Leakages

You should immediately call Service Clone for a trained expert as soon as you notice any type of drips or leakages. Leakages are an issue that can seriously damage your water purifier if not fixed on time. Leaks and drips also result in unnecessary wastage of water.

There are often multiple reasons for drips as well as leakages in a RO water purifier, such as pipes not connected properly or a malfunctioning part or broken pipes, etc. A completely thorough check of the water purifier can easily reveal the real reason behind the leakage and avoid any type of further damage to the water purifier.

4. Keep The Exteriors Of The RO System Clean And Tidy

Apart from cleaning and sanitizing the internal parts, you must also keep the RO purifier’s exterior clean. This will not only assist you to keep your purifier looking brand new but will also reduce the possibilities of water contamination.

Not sure, how?

All RO purifiers have an external tap for dispensing water stored within the tank. And if the tap and also the area around the tap aren't kept clean, then it's going to lead to water getting contaminated while dispensing.

Therefore, it is quite essential that you just keep the external surface of the purifier neat and tidy, particularly the area around the dispensing tap.

5. Get It Serviced By A Good Technician

If you really need an efficient as well and trouble-free RO purifier then we recommend getting it serviced every six months or so, by our trained professional experts. Make sure you actually choose the services of a certified technician of the brand or someone you'll be able to trust. Regular servicing will maintain the purity of water and greatly reduce the possibilities of any major problem with your RO purifier.

As discussed before, the timely replacement of filters is a crucial part of proper maintenance. You should always choose high-quality genuine filters and parts for your RO. Simply because you wouldn’t want to risk your health with some cheap and unreliable filters that you can’t even put your trust in.

Wrapping Up

If you're someone who actually takes your family members’ health very seriously then it’s time you understand the significance of proper maintenance of your RO water purifier. So if you are searching water purifier technician then call Service Clone.