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Cleaning The Refrigerator: Fabulous Tips And Tricks

Every now and then, we all got to clean our refrigerators so as to make sure that the food inside remains fresh and clean. This also helps to increase the life of the refrigerator and enable it to give its best performance. This may appear to be a very unpleasant task to most of us but is truly really important. Following a couple of tips and tricks for cleaning the refrigerator won’t only make the task easier but also more successful.


1. You Need To Take Out All The Food And Other Items From The Fefrigerator

The first step to follow is to take out all the contents that you have placed within the refrigerator. The food may be placed properly on countertop or tables and then the things that require to be thrown away are often selected.


2.Then You Need To Remove All The Shelves And Drawers To Clean The Refrigerator Properly

For cleaning the refrigerator much more effectively and quickly, you really need to take out all the drawers as well as shelves. Wash and wipe these parts and place them within the sink to dry.


3.Thoroughly Wipe The Inside Of The Refrigerator With A Cleaning Solution

The next step that you simply ought to follow is to wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a clean cloth and a preferred cleaning solution. One of the most effective solutions for this task is one that’s made by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quart of hot water.So as to clean as well as remove any stubborn marks, you can simply use some white toothpaste. Cleaning the refrigerator doors is equally important.


4.Clean The Gasket Using A Homemade Solution

The next thing that you simply ought to do while cleaning the refrigerator is to clean its gasket. You can also prepare a solution by mixing half quantity water with half quantity of vinegar or bleach. After cleaning the gasket using this solution, you need to pat it dry then apply a little bit of body lotion or lemon oil on it so as to keep the rubber supple and shiny.


5. Cleaning The Refrigerator Exteriors

Once you’re finished with the interiors, clean the refrigerator from the outside part. For this you just need to shift your refrigerator a little forward and then switch it off. Now use an all purpose cleaning solution as well as a towel in order to wipe down all the surfaces properly.


In addition, don’t forget to clean the coils as well as the fan blade. Use a coil brush to get rid of the dust and debris that gets accumulated over a period of time. This can actually be done every few months to make sure that it is functioning properly.


Now that you have learnt to clean the refrigerator in a systematic manner, you need to follow these steps every once in a while to maintain your appliance and to make sure that it gives its best performance for the longest time period. However for any kind of repairs, contact a professional like us.