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Best Ways To Saving Energy When Using An AC Or Air Conditioner

In the following article we’ll mention a crucial topic that’s “Best Ways To Saving Energy When Using An Air Conditioner” let’s discuss within the article given below: There are several ways to keep cool without turning on your AC, however when the summer temperatures start busting the 90 (or 100!) degree mark daily, or when the humidity makes it actually feel like you’re swimming through a bowl of soup, sometimes air con is actually a must. Stay cool as well as at the same time save money with the following energy saving tips:

1. Keep the AC or air conditioner Lower at Night:

During the night you actually don’t require the same level of conscious cool. Try turning your AC or air conditioner down (so it’s running less) during your sleep hours or, if your unit actually has one, utilize the “sleep mode” which actually lowers the output on a timer.

2. You can use Window or Portable Units:

If you aren’t into cooling your entire home, just try using a portable unit to cool just the specific area you’ll be working in. They actually use up to 50% less energy than a bigger central air unit would to cool off the same space.

3. Close Off Vents:

The basement is traditionally the coolest room in the entire home, so try closing all the vents in the lower portion of your home. The cool air will slink down there naturally and by closing those vents, you’re forcing all the air up top first, cooling because it comes down.

4. Service Your Unit:

Some basic maintenance might actually be all your AC really needs, however most will greatly benefit from a good hosing out, especially if you’re actually plagued with pesky trees like Cottonwoods that drop seeds which stick to the filters as well as make the unit work harder!

5. Check Your Ducts:

Ensuring the areas where your ducts run through parts of your home without air con (like the attic) are properly insulated will keep the air coming in as cool because it can be. Paying for half cool air isn’t actually anyone’s idea of money well spent!

6. You can rearrange

Your Furniture: Furniture that actually obstructs air conditioning vents means you’ll be cooling the back of a chair or the bottom side of your sofa and although it might appreciate the thought, we are pretty sure you would rather have that chill for yourself instead. There are plastic pieces you’ll be able to buy for your vents to assist force air in the right direction, but the simplest way is to just rearrange your furniture, even if only temporarily.

7. Try 78 Degrees:

78 degrees is actually a good point for an air conditioner to run at its optimal performance level. You could think of it as a car on cruise control headed across the flat Midwest prairie. It’s not chugging along going uphill, it’s just plugging away, steady as she goes.

8. Lighting:

Turning lights off can help reduce your heat, but paying attention to actually how much light you let in from open windows can even play a major role. Although it might actually seem neurotic to open and close your windows each day with the changing of the sun, it makes an enormous difference in how much heat your a.c. is competing against.

9. Is Anyone Home:

If you can, while you’re away turn your AC up to 85 and ensure the windows and drapes are closed. Although it’ll be hot for a few minutes when you come home, the blinds will help keep the sun out (allowing existing cool to actually stay that way for as long as possible) and the heat won’t be so substantial that your unit will actually have to work overtime to cool the room back off.

10. Don’t Forget The Fan:

We rely on air conditioners in order to keep things cool, but having the assistance of a few supplemental fans doesn’t hurt. Using them to actually circulate the cool air means you don’t really need quite as much pumped into the room. They use less energy than your AC unit, so having them around as backup is actually a great idea. Looking For AC Repair Service In Dwarka